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Results for the applications

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1Results for the applications Empty Results for the applications on Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:41 pm



Since it's too much work to post an answer for every post, we decided to put the results here for your information Smile Let's go!

Our decision methods were democratic and took many aspects into consideration: Friendlyness, skill, behaviour, activity, and last but not least you have to look sexy of course in order to join bounce

The oop! clan decided with polls and discussion that the following players are able to join:

We think you are a very nice guy and loyal member. You play smart and good, and we know you can improve teamplay with us and be even a better player

We know you for a long time now and you are a good friend of Milos. Your attacking skill and aggressive playing style impressed us. We are looking forward to play with you as a team!

You belong to one of the first good players in this game and have a great experience. I am sure that together we can develop smart strategies ingame and try new things.

For the rest we are sorry, you did not make it into the clan No
We have many members now and there must be a limit if we want a clan with good quality for such a little game like teeworlds.

Play: oop! clan thinks that you are a bit too young for this clan. The majority in this clan is about 18 years or older.

Sani: We decided to not take you because we don't really know you. You're a nice guy but almost nobody knew you before your application and we don't know about your activity either. We can tell though, that you are a good player with very good aim, and that we hope to see you in the future and play vs. you.

BassGo: We are sorry to dismiss you, but we think that we can not play in a team with you. We don't think you have enough experience to play in a fixed position and help your teammates.

bSn: We think that you are a good player, but you did not win the sympathy of the clanmembers.

We are sorry we don't have christmas presents for everybody, but enjoy your Christmas Evening! santa

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2Results for the applications Empty Re: Results for the applications on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:48 am


i use this post to say welcome to new members, and "bienvenue RUS" Smile
I hope good luck for other in teeworlds ^^

i was away for christmas holidays, but come back tomorrow, so you'll see me this week.

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