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Applications 2010

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1Applications 2010 Empty Applications 2010 on Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:27 pm


The oop! clan counts 15 members as of today, and we have an interesting mix of many players with different nationalities.

Personally, i am proud that we manage to play both serious and fun games and know how to communicate each other, although we are all different Very Happy

What this means though, is that if we want to stay a stable and quality clan, we must limit the number of players to a amount that allows to sustain the previously mentioned factors.

Therefore, we will keep our current members of course, but increase the requirements to join our team. To join our team now you must either be very very good at playing, or the big majority of the team wishes you (a well known player/friend) to be a part of us.

In this regard, i wish all our new applicants in 2010 good luck and invite you to a share your ideas or thoughts on this matter. Suggestions are welcome Very Happy

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