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It's time for me to try out =fazer! <3<3

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1 It's time for me to try out =fazer! <3<3 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:54 am

It's me, fazer, and I finally have stepped up to ask you to testmatch me for application into oop!

Formal Appication:
Nickname: fazer! (with some things in the back of it)
Age: almost 16
Location: USA
When did you start playing: Version 5.1
How often do you play per week: About every day
Why do you want to join: Because oop is an awesome and active clan with skill, and is one of the better organized clans. I know a lot of you and I am applying so I can fight along side/against you!
I understand that because I am USA, and that I started in version 5.1, I understand if you reject me for thinking that I suck.
Thank you for reading this application, and if you need any more info about me feel free to reply!
<3 fazer!

The way I would write m application (You might not like this Very Happy)
Nickname:fazer! (with something at the end)
Age: almost 16
Location: USA pride!
When did you start playing: version 5.1
How often do you play per week: almost everyday
Why do you want to join: Because I rock and oop rocks and we both are smexy in all. I know a lot of you and want to fight along side with you, and also work to beat you. You may think: "Oh, he's USA, and he played during 5.1, he sucks!"
I ROCCKKKKKKKKK,and besides, I don't lag. I'm really active.
If you need any more info, reply to me and I'll give you the info if not inappropriate.
oop rox, and so does...


Q. Why have you spent so long just to write an application???
A. Because I go in style

Q. I hate your application
A. No problem!

Q. What if I don't accept you?
A. I'll go training and try to get accepted, or beg you like a poor hobo.

Thank you for reading this!
<3 fazer!!!!!!!

P.S I rock
P.P.S. oop rox!

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2 Re: It's time for me to try out =fazer! <3<3 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:34 am


Teeworlds Star
nice appliacation, however it misses a key point - that i rock

gl for ur application, im sure there is someone who will test you, and even if u fail, u can still send us money and hamburgers

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3 Re: It's time for me to try out =fazer! <3<3 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:23 pm


You could have saved yourself the 10 seconds you needed to write this application and me the 15 seconds i needed to read it.

You are being rejected beforehand without testmatch, because you are non-european, have no experience in this game and also because you wrote an application although you were very aware of the requirements we requested.

At the moment there is no chance for a mid-skilled player to join this team, therefore the topic gets locked. Smile

We are happy about your interest though, but please understand that besides the friendly appearance this clan is a high level team with some of the very best teeworlds players among it: There is no room for friendliness whatsoever when it comes to member-picking.

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4 Re " " on Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:09 pm

Thank you admin, I hope to see you in game!
No hamburgers for you toast

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