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CTF Pickups

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1CTF Pickups Empty CTF Pickups on Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:12 pm

Captain games are popular on high level ctf servers. However it is not always ideal, due to: afk people, people leaving during the game, servers full, lack of admins etc. I believe the pickups on irc, like on other games (quake, dota) could solve these problems. Thanks to Rajh and Kottizen, there is a bot on the channel #teefun on quakenet which let us do ctf pickups.

The current default configuration is: 5on5 ctf.

Everybody is welcome as long as the rules are followed.


How to join #teefun on quakenet:
- with an internet browser: http://webchat.quakenet.org/
- on Windows, you can use: Mirc (http://www.mirc.com/), xchat (http://www.silverex.org/news/)
- on Linux: xchat

What is a pickup game?
Pickup games are organized by people who like to have a decent, fun game. The idea should be that players don’t leave during the game and that each team uses at least some basic teamplay in which, for example, attackers and defenders are selected before each match. These pickup games are formed on IRC on quakenet. Join the #teefun channel to join in for a game when you think you’re ready!

How does this work?
When enough players have added, a server will be launched with a random password. A bot will pm you with the name, the ip and the password of the server. Once all players joined, two captains are choose by players. Everyone except the captains spec and the captains decide them-self or fight each other to know who will start to pick. Ready up and go!
Read the rules, they are important!

Available commands:
* !add : add yourself for a capture the flag game
* !remove : removes yourself from the game you signed up for
* !teams : see who is added

* Use the same nickname on irc and on the server
* Picking order is 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
* Be swift during pickup: don’t waste each others time by joining late from irc or by jumping/shooting around foolishly. Join the server, spectate, join the game when chosen, vote yes on the mapvote, arrange player positions, and ready up.
* Channel language is English oriented, respect this!
* If you are added to a pickup that you can't play anymore, try to find a sub or a spec to take your place. However, others should not find a sub/spec for you, you should do this yourself.

It is up to all players to help out captains who don’t know everybody. Help them pick wisely to make balanced teams and the match will be more pleasant and balanced!

If there are any further questions or comment, contact an admin on #teefun on QuakeNet.

Source: http://www.holysh1t.net/rules/

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2CTF Pickups Empty Re: CTF Pickups on Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:08 pm

Good idea to promote it, its boring to wait 20mn before capt game start.

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3CTF Pickups Empty Re: CTF Pickups on Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:06 am


Thanks very much ubuntu for the info Smile

The problem is though, it still lasts long to organise a game even when using this.

I was a great supporter in the beginning of this, but now i realized that 90% of the players are too stupid to understand that other people dont have 1 hour to waste on organizing one shitty game.

Also they never shut up, chat in their gay languages and piss people off in general. My only hope is an account system which only allows trusted users (friends) to join and play on a server.

Well, it's a kid's game, there is nothing we can complain about.

I just say i'm too tired to wait my whole life for 1 game and then in the end somebody leaves anyway during the captain game. IMHO germans should be banned from teeworlds Very Happy

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