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sk'z vs. oop! (8on6) 0:I

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1sk'z vs. oop! (8on6) 0:I Empty sk'z vs. oop! (8on6) 0:I on Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:17 am


Date: February 1st
oop's lineup: Pongo,AMN,RUSterrorist,Sonix,MMilos,roX
sk'z's lineup: Käse,deviltee,bearion,Messer und Gabel,Urquell,Haze,Mansocre,Killi_bär
Winner: oop!
sk'z vs. oop! (8on6) 0:I Screen15

sk'z vs. oop! (8on6) 0:I Screen10

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